So, by now I’m sure you’ve heard of Marie Kondo and her KonMari method of tidying up. But in case you just got sprung from a convent or a cult or a cave… I’ll break it down a little for you.

The basic premise is to let things got that don’t spark joy in your life. Literally everything in your house… from clothes and toiletries to papers and pictures. You lay all like things out together in a big pile and hold each piece in your hands and make a decision about their place in your life.

What I'm KonMari-ing Out Of My Closet

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It’s become a bit of a recent craze after Kondo took her revolutionary purging style to Netflix. But I discovered her book years ago and have read it multiple times since.

As soon as I read Mari Kondo’s book, I felt like she was speaking directly to me. In fact, someone was speaking to me, or so I like to think, because I was listening to it via audiobook. But then I bought the actual book and re-read it, dog-earing pages and highlighting portions. It not only spoke to my anal tendencies for having a tidy space, it seeped into my core and gave words to my simmering anxiety over the clutter in my life as a whole. More on that in a future post about what I’m KonMari-ing out of my life. For now… let’s stick to the closet, which was my biggest KonMari hill to climb. And you might think I mean hill figuratively. I do, but also literally. Because you never really understand how much stuff you own until it’s all in one giant pile on your bedroom floor.

As I went through the process, I started to notice themes to the things I was letting go of. And a level of honesty I was finally finding within myself about why I was letting certain things go, and why I had them in the first place.

Even if you’re not into KonMari or think Marie Kondo just needs to chill out already, which some people do… this is still worth reading. Trust me. There are plenty of things in your closet… and in your life… that are worth letting go of.

And you’ll notice they’re not just things. They’re literally emotional baggage that you just don’t have the space, time or need for.

This is what I’m KonMari-ing out of my closet:

What I'm KonMari-ing Out Of My Closet

1- Clothes that don’t fit me right now

I may fit into those one day.”

I may need that bigger size again one day.”

Yep, I’ve told myself those things a ba-jillion times as an excuse to keep clothes that I haven’t worn in months, sometimes even years.

But you know what? Instead of hanging on to those clothes at the expense of precious space in your closet (Because, let’s face it, who has ample space in their closet? No one!)… what if you instead, took a good look at why you’re not happy with the size you’re currently wearing. Maybe you are. Then good for you! If you’re not… maybe you can sell some of those things and use the money to buy a really kick-ass workout ensemble. And down the road, when you can fit into that smaller size, congrats! You just earned yourself a little shopping spree!

If the clothes you’re holding on to are too big for you now… you don’t need them! Stop thinking that you’re just renting your smaller, skinnier, leaner self. Live in it like you own it! Rock it likeGeselle rocks a runway. Embrace where you are now and spend your time and energy on maintaining your current size so you’ll never need those bigger clothes again.

2- Clothes & shoes that aren’t comfortable

Who has time for that?

3- Clothes & shoes that don’t fit my lifestyle right now

I used to be a fancy pants working girl who wore suits and trendy professional clothes. In fact, I worked at a place where looking chic while jetting to your next meeting was about as important as having designer jeans in high school. As in, the importance of it was probably largely manufactured in my head, but a driving force nonetheless. And it didn’t help that I worked in a hip city with a lot of millennials who, in my mind, practically fell out of bed looking just put together enough to be gorgeous without looking like they actually tried.

So I bought a lot of clothes. Like it was my part-time job. I basically acted like a personal shopper, but the client was me and my bank account cried with every purchase.

Now, I wear a lot of shorts and t-shirts and flip-flops. And actually blow-drying and straightening my hair falls on rare occasions like a yearly date night or a… wait for it… PTO event. Seriously. Don’t hate me because I’m so glamorous.

And that’s totally ok with me. Because there’s no chic standard for my carpool and grocery shopping schedule.

But you might not know that if you looked at my closet. Probably half of it is filled with clothes from my former life. And that’s a lot of valuable closet real estate. The closet in our tiny house that also serves as a storage room and craft supply dumping ground.

Keeping those clothes isn’t useful to me, my space or how it makes me feel when I look at them. Yes, I love my life right now and I’m grateful every day that I get to be a stay-at-home mom. I do miss working with adults sometimes. (Bossing around tiny humans is way more frustrating.) Will I go back to it someday? Maybe.

But there’s no need for me to hang on to another life when I can fully live and appreciate my current one.

4- Clothes & shoes that I bought because I thought they would make me someone I’m not

I’m not a fashion blogger. I’m not a model. I’m not a rich, island girl. (Oh, how I wish sometimes.) But take a look at my closet, and you might think I’m trying to be all those things. I have so many high, strappy heels that are practically gathering dust because it’s been so long since they’ve been worn. And those kimono/robe kinda things? (Yeah, I don’t even know what you call them, if that tells you anything.) I thought those seemed super cool one time.

Take a look at your wardrobe and see if you have any clothes or shoes like that. Things you think look great on someone else that you’d like to emulate, but when you put them on yourself, something’s just not right. It’s because you’re not that person. And wearing them doesn’t make you that person.

I read a great book recently called ‘The Year Of Less’ by Cait Flanders. She wrote something that has really changed how I look at making purchases, whether it’s clothes or furniture or just about anything. It’s this:

Who are you buying this for? The person you are? Or the person you want to be?

‘The Year Of Less’ By Cait Flanders

I’ve adapted it slightly to fit into my life. Because I don’t necessarily think buying things for the person you want to be is a bad thing. For example, if you’re on a mission to eat healthier and you really will use that gadget that spirals zucchini into pasta, then good for you!

But what isn’t good is buying things for a person you think you should be. I bought one of those felt message boards because all the cool bloggers had one. But I’ve actually used it maybe two or three times. My daughter actually uses it more than me. Instead, I try to create content that’s more authentic to me, not other bloggers.

So before each purchase I try to ask myself:

Who are you buying this for? Who you are? Or the person you think you should be?

Frugal Florida Mom

KonMari yourself into a more authentic life

So as you’re sitting in the middle of your bedroom floor surrounded by a Mt Everest of clothes, holding that sequin halter top in your hands asking yourself if it sparks joy… also ask yourself if it’s authentic to who you are, who you are comfortable being, the size you are, the style you rock, the body you’re in.

If all those boxes are checked yes, then rock that halter like nobody’s business, girl!

If not, thank that sparkly little gem for helping you learn more about yourself and send it on its way to the donation box.

Things To Ask Yourself While KonMari-ing Your Closet

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What I'm KonMari-ing Out Of My Closet

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