I have to admit something.

I’ve never used a lot of coupons.

I give props to people who have massive binders of coupons and a garage full of soup and toothpaste they bought for 5 cents. I’ve just never had that kind of time, patience or storage space.

But give me a way to save money with a few minutes and a few clicks online? I’m so there!

Woman in grocery store - Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

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I’m all about saving. And I’m all about simple.

How to use digital coupons

Different grocery stores may have slightly different ways to redeem digital coupons, but the general steps will apply:

  • ‘Clip’ the coupons you want on the store’s website. Here, ‘clipping’ is a simple mouse click. This adds the coupons to your account.
  • At the store, give your phone number associated with the coupon account… or in some stores, a physical card… to redeem the offers.

On the Publix website, you click on the offers you want, to add them to your list.

You’ll then see them under the tab labeled ‘My Clipped Coupons.’

At the store when it’s time to checkout, tell the store associate your phone number and the coupons will be applied.

How to get the most out of digital coupons

Honestly, it couldn’t be easier.

With physical coupons, you have to cut them, or print and cut them, organize them, remember to take them to the store with you, then remember to use them at checkout. With digital coupons, you just have to remember to spend a few minutes online and tell the cashier at checkout. Here are a couple of tips to help you remember:

  • Set an alert on your phone each week around the time you make your shopping list to remind you to go on your store’s website and add coupons to your list.
  • On your shopping list, make a notation, like an asterisk or a star, next to the item you have a digital coupon for or use a highlighter in a bright color for those items.
  • At checkout, make sure the cashier has your number and that you can see the discounts applied for the items you have marked on your shopping list.
Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

Combine digital coupons with Publix discounts to save big on P&G products now

What’s even sweeter than using the super easy system of digital coupons, is when you can combine those coupons with the store or product company’s discounts.

And you can do that with a bunch of P&G products this week at Publix. All the items you see listed below are on sale. And some of them have coordinating coupons to double your savings. Win-win!

Click Here For P&G Digital Coupons

Click Here For Publix Digital Coupons

Discounts below applicable 5/2/19-5/8/19 (5/1/19-5/7/19 for some markets).

Laundry supplies - Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

$1.50 Off

Cleaning supplies - Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

$1 Off

  • Swiffer Sweepers 10, 12 or 16ct.
  • Swiffer Dusters 3 or 5ct. box

$2 Off 2

  • Dawn 16.2-19.4oz.
  • Mr. Clean 5 oz. Liquid
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 2-9ct.
Charmin bath tissue - Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

$5 Off!

  • Charmin 9 Mega Roll or 6 Super Mega Roll
P&G products on sale at Publix - Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

$2 Off 2

  • Pantene, Head & Shoulders, or Hair Food Shampoo, Conditioner, 2n1 or Stylers (3.2-32.1oz.)

$1 Off

  • Olay Body Wash or Foam Body Wash 10.3-30oz. bottle
  • Olay Bar Soap 6ct.
  • Old Spice Hydrowash or Fresher Body Wash 16oz. bottle
Crest toothpaste and mouthwash - Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix
Burt's Bees Toothpaste - Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

$1 Off

Tampax and Always feminine care products - Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

$1 Off

Pampers and Luvs diapers - Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

$7 Off 2!

  • Pampers or Luvs Diapers Assorted Varieties 52-112ct.
Simplify Your Savings With P&G & Publix

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