Teachers do so much for our kiddos all year. So I like to give them a gift to show them how much we appreciate them just before they hand them back to us for summer.

But I also try to stay with a strict budget. Because with so many teachers between homeroom, art, music, dance, swim, etc… the list can get pretty long.

This year I created an easy to print worksheet for the kids to fill out about:

  • What they learned
  • When they had fun
  • Why they appreciate their teacher
  • And how they were challenged

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I love the idea of putting the worksheet on a clipboard and decorating the clipboard, maybe with ribbon or even painting it with the teacher’s name. That way, it’s a thoughtful gift as well as a practical one because they can use the clipboard.

Gifts For Dancers and Dance Teachers With Printable Gift Tags

For my kids’ teachers I decided to pair the worksheets with dry erase boards. Their teachers often ask for dry erase boards and markers that kids can use in the classroom.

You could also pair the worksheets with other gifts, maybe a gift card… since teachers are always spending their own money on supplies.

You can download and print all 6 designs of the Teacher Gift Worksheets here.

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2 Comments on Printable Teacher Gift Worksheet

  1. Hi there! Do you make your own SVG Files? I am looking for how to make my own, and I love the look of your designs! Thanks! Kimi

    • Thank you! Yes, I make SVG files. You can find them under the ‘Printables & SVGs’ tab on this site. It’s probably not the best method, but I create them in Cricut Design Space, screenshot them, then convert them to SVGs in Inkscape. There are lots of helpful YouTube videos about Inkscape. That’s where I would suggest starting. Good luck! -Tracy

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