Everybody loves babies. Little ones toddling around in diapers is just the cutest thing. Right? Ok, maybe everyone doesn’t think that, especially when they start screaming. But I think babies are pretty darn cute. Enough to get that twinge of sadness sometimes that my kids will never be babies or toddlers again.

When you’re in the thick of baby-hood, it seems like the sleepless nights will never end. Like there will never again be a time when you can let your guard down and truly relax. It took me a while to realize that for the first four years or so of my kids’ lives I was nearly perpetually tense, holding my breath, worrying, wondering what the heck I was doing and how I was going to do it all.

With two kids under two and a stressful career at that time, frankly, those years are kind of a blur now. I’m not really sure how I survived it, to be honest.

But on the other side of all that haze, you have a whole different set of feelings. Never again will my babies fall asleep cuddled up on my chest with their head on my shoulder. They can no longer be appeased with their stuffed animal or a bottle.

They don’t think peek-a-boo is funny anymore. And airplanes of peas going into the hangar have been replaced with begging, threats and sitting at the dinner table for half an hour pouting about eating anything that’s the slightest hint of green.

They don’t want to hold my hand anymore in public. And they find their friends way cooler and interesting than me. Ok, they find pretty much anyone cooler than me. And they get super embarrassed when I blast music and dance in my car while dropping them off at school. No idea why.

The baby years are filled with tears and fear and utter exhaustion until one day you take a breath and realize it ended long ago. And you miss it. You didn’t mark it with a party or take a smiling selfie. You just blinked and those babies were gone, replaced by adolescents who roll their eyes, talk back and just want to play video games.

And you can never go back. Not that you would want to… but sometimes you miss it just a bit.

One thing I definitely remember, is buying SO MANY DIAPERS!

This content is sponsored by Procter & Gamble. All opinions are authentic and my own.

I think Pampers was the number one thing we purchased in our house for about five years in a row. We trusted the brand from the very first day in the hospital and they grew with us as our kids grew… from Swaddlers to Cruisers and then to Easy Ups.

And I love that they now have Pure protection diapers that are made from sustainable, plant-based materials with no parabens, fragrances or latex.

They definitely would have been my choice when my kids were babies.

According to Parenting.com, “standard disposable diapers cost on average $4,000 per child over a two-year period.”

That’s why I always tried to stock up during sales, like the one going on at Publix.

For the next two weeks, they have discounts on all kinds of Pampers. And you can even get money back to spend on something else… or more diapers. 🙂

Check out these offers:

  • From 6/1/19 through 6/14/19 spend $40 on any type or combination of Pampers diapers and get a $10 Publix Gift Card instantly!

Qualifying products include Pampers Diapers, Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers or Baby Dry Diapers, Pure Protection or Easy Ups Training Pants.

  • Also, from 6/1/19 through 6/14/19 Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers and Baby Dry Diapers in 52 to 112 count boxes are $24.99 each!
  • And from 5/30/19 through 6/5/19 (5/29-6/4 for some ad markets) you can get $5 off two Pampers Swaddlers, Cruisers, Baby Dry, Pure Protection or Easy Ups Training Pants in 16 to 35 count bags. 

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