Nothing can throw a wrench in your routine more than kids being out of school for the summer. Whether they’re home all day or go to camp, the change in routines and the hotter weather calls for some adapting.

I know I definitely need to make things easier and more streamlined to avoid summer stress. Here are a few ways I adapt for a lower stress summer.

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Steps To A Lower Stress Summer

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1- Prep accessible, healthy snacks.

One refrain that parents definitely hear all summer long is, “Mom, I’m hungry.” To avoid spending a lot of extra money and consuming extra sugary calories… cut lots of fruit and veggies during your weekly meal prep session. And put them in containers in the fridge the kids can reach so they can serve themselves.

My go-to summer snacks are carrots, celery, apples, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, applesauce, cheese cubes, crackers.

2- Relax the rules

I’m not suggesting we let kids sink into a haze of non-stop video game playing, I’m all for whatever screen time rules work for you. But I do relax things a bit for my kids over the summer. They work so hard during the school year and we definitely get a lot of outside recreation.

So when they have time for it, I’ll let them play a little longer and stay up a little later. It obviously makes them happy and it causes me less stress.

Steps To A Lower Stress Summer

3- Have fun like a kid

And whenever possible, be a kid with them! Jump in that sprinkler too, add your own chalk masterpiece to the sidewalk, get a popsicle for yourself. 🙂

Steps To A Lower Stress Summer

4- Set your summer hair free

And for heaven’s sake… don’t worry so much about your hair!

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my hair. I love it when I fix it, but I hate to actually fix it because it takes about an hour of blow drying and flat ironing. So in the summer, you’ll most likely find me with a way more natural, wavy do.

Steps To A Lower Stress Summer

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