My father is the most frugal man I know, and my husband is the complete opposite. He has the mentality of, if it’s not the best, I don’t want it.

I’ve found myself somewhere in the middle of these two outlooks on life. I want to be very mindful of how I spend my money, but I do want to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Why work so hard if you can’t enjoy it every now and then?

Ultimately, being frugal doesn’t mean I’m afraid to spend money. It means I’m careful about how I spend it. I want great value for my money, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get here at Frugal Florida Mom.

That verse from Doja Cat – she mixed the Fendi with the Shein – yep, that’s me.

Here, you’ll find lots of frugal cooking articles (hello, sourdough!), advice on whether that thing is really worth the money, dupes, and other fun mom things. Chances are, if you like great value for the money and you’re also a mother, you’ll find something here for you.