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Guide To Summer: How To Take The Best Beach Photos

When setting out to craft the Frugal Mom’s Guide To Summer series, I knew I wanted to include some tips on how to take the best photos to capture your amazing summer memories. And let me tell you, it’s not that easy to take great pictures at the beach.

So who better to offer tips than a professional photographer? My longtime friend Corey, owner of Best Part Photography, has been taking stunning pictures of beautiful families for five years. Check out her pro tips on taking the best beach photos. (more…)

Organize Your Summer – FREE Printables Roundup

I strive to be super organized. I mean, I make lists for my lists. No joke. So now that the kids are out of school and home all day, it’s really throwing a wrench in my daily organization. So I need separate organization plans just for summer. Yep, I’m a nerd.

If you need a little extra organization and fun ideas for summer check out some of these awesome printables I’ve compiled for you. (more…)

Guide To Summer – Theme Park Survival

It’s summer! Let’s go to a theme park!.. you say. It will be fun!.. you say.

It’s the hottest time of the year! Let’s go somewhere that costs a fortune with thousands of other people for attractions that we’ll need to stand in line for, for hours at a time!.. is the reality.

Theme parks do have their challenges. And the best times to go, frankly, are not summer, spring break or around any holidays. But the reality is, those are busy times because that’s when people are more able to go.

So go in the summer you must. But first, check out this advice to make it a little easier. (more…)

Guide To Summer: What NOT To Do While Traveling With Kids

I would estimate that I’ve spent about 960 hours on road trips with my kids. That’s a total of 40 entire days people!

And after 960 hours you learn some things you should do. Pack electronics loaded with lots of games and movies. Pack lots of snacks. Make regular potty stops and make them go whether they think they need to or not. (You can check out more tips from a dozen awesome moms in my previous post, Traveling With Kids.)

Along the way to 960 hours you also learn lots of stuff NOT to do. (more…)

Guide To Summer: Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is, in a word, challenging.

In more words, it can make you want to stick a red-hot poker in your eye. But not all the time. Sometimes they fall asleep.

But seriously, it does take work to keep things from spinning out of control, or before you know it, you’re driving with the windows down praying for an exit while your little boy pees (or tries to) in a soda bottle. Let’s say that happened to a friend.

So here are some of my tips, gathered painfully over eight years of nine + hour road trips between the south and midwest with two little cranky humans. And some tips from 12 other moms who’ve been there, done that and lived to tell about it.. possibly over a glass of wine.. or to our therapists.. or over wine with our therapists. (more…)

Guide To Summer: Educational Subscription Boxes

If you’ve read some of my other posts in the Frugal Mom’s Guide To Summer series you know I’m trying hard to get my kids off the video games this summer and continue learning so their growing little brains don’t turn to mush before August.

You can check out some great ways to get their bodies and brains moving with Free Kids Activities and check out some fun, free Library Games for easy summer learning.

Another great way to keep kids learning over the summer and throughout the year is with an educational subscription box. The concept is genius. A box comes right to your door filled with books and tools to teach kids about science, geography, nature, different languages and cultures.

I’ve been intrigued with these boxes for a while so I enlisted five fellow mom bloggers to offer their reviews on eight of the most popular boxes. You can compare them here to find one that might be perfect for your child and budget. (more…)

Guide To Summer: Free Kids Activities

It’s almost summer! Can you believe an entire school year has almost gone by already?

I can’t believe my kids will soon be second and third graders! And I don’t want them to be vegetables all summer, letting their growing little brains turn to mush. So I try to pack the summer with fun activities. Some for fun and some they can learn from.

In this post you’ll find lots of free options! (more…)

Guide To Summer: 6 Summer Must-Haves

School is almost out and that means a drastic change of pace for many people. Whether you’re planning a trip or two, sampling summer camps or looking to keep your kids’ brain drain at a minimum.. check out the next few weeks of my Frugal Mom’s Guide To Summer series. Topics include:

This post contains affiliate links, which allow me to receive compensation, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase. All opinions are authentic and my own. (more…)