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Saving Money For Christmas In July

Are you ready for Christmas?

No? Me neither.

Don’t worry, it’s still about six months away!

But what you do now to save money, could determine whether it’s a happy Christmas, or a Christmas like so many before it (if you’re like me)… a happy season, with underlying, nagging guilt, frustration, and anxiety over debt.

But start saving now, just a little every week, and you can start a snowball of savings. Here’s how I’m working on saving for Christmas in July.


Cricut Infusible Ink – Review & Step-By-Step Guide

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Cricut’s new Infusible Ink for weeks! I’ve watched a few Cricut sponsored videos on YouTube, but couldn’t wait to get my own hands on it and answer lots of questions rattling around my creative brain…

  • Why use it?
  • How do I use it?
  • Do I have to use Cricut Easy Press?
  • Do I have to use Cricut blanks?
  • How cool is it, really?

Look no further, I will answer all of these questions for you.

Starting with the last question, first… yep, it’s REALLY, SUPER COOL!


The One Thing That Kept Sabotaging My Budget

The One Thing That Kept Sabotaging My Budget

I would start off each pay period with the best intentions. I promise I did. I even followed my own advice and used my Cashless Budget Tracker, budgeted for expected expenses and tracked spending in each category.

Yet so many times I would come up short and have to dip into savings or rack up more credit card debt to get us to the next paycheck.

So, what was happening? Sabotage. Self-sabotage. Ugly, messy, make you want to kick your own ass sabotage.

The one thing that kept my budget train hurtling off the tracks was my failure to plan.


4 Pretty Printable Valentines With A Positive Message

You're A Llama Fun! Valentine - 4 Pretty Printable Valentines With A Positive Message

Is your child obsessed with llamas lately? My daughter sure is!

Every so often, it seems some new adorable animal starts popping up everywhere putting us on cuteness overload. And lately, it’s the llama.

So I created these adorable valentines for my daughter to give to her friends this Valentine’s Day, as well as a few more for the unicorn and pineapple lovers (because we both love those too!).

And each one has a positive message about being yourself, being strong & kind… and being llamazing!


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