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The One Thing That Kept Sabotaging My Budget

The One Thing That Kept Sabotaging My Budget

I would start off each pay period with the best intentions. I promise I did. I even followed my own advice and used my Cashless Budget Tracker, budgeted for expected expenses and tracked spending in each category.

Yet so many times I would come up short and have to dip into savings or rack up more credit card debt to get us to the next paycheck.

So, what was happening? Sabotage. Self-sabotage. Ugly, messy, make you want to kick your own ass sabotage.

The one thing that kept my budget train hurtling off the tracks was my failure to plan.


4 Pretty Printable Valentines With A Positive Message

You're A Llama Fun! Valentine - 4 Pretty Printable Valentines With A Positive Message

Is your child obsessed with llamas lately? My daughter sure is!

Every so often, it seems some new adorable animal starts popping up everywhere putting us on cuteness overload. And lately, it’s the llama.

So I created these adorable valentines for my daughter to give to her friends this Valentine’s Day, as well as a few more for the unicorn and pineapple lovers (because we both love those too!).

And each one has a positive message about being yourself, being strong & kind… and being llamazing!


Fortnite Valentine Printables

Loot Llama Valentine - Fortnite Valentine Printables

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?! Especially as a kid… with all the candy!

I love making unique valentines for my kids each year.

Check out these others: Pretty Printable Valentines With A Positive Message, Unicorn Lollipop Valentine Printable & Pokemon Card Valentine Printable.

This year my son is obsessed with Fortnite, so I made a few options for him that tie into the game.

If you have a Fortnite obsessed kid, you can download and print these right at home. So easy! And much more affordable than the valentines sold in stores!


Get Motivated To Get Healthier – 10 Fitness Shirt SVGs

Get Motivated To Get Healthier - 10 Fitness Shirt SVGs

Getting in shape, getting healthier, losing weight or some version of that is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. It’s also one of the hardest to stick to.

I’m all for any motivation that helps you get those tennis shoes on and get out the door. And one of my fitness motivations is to rock a cool tank top.

Here are some of my favorite fitness shirts and downloadable SVGs so you can make them for yourself.


5 Ways To Give Eco-Friendly Gifts – With Printable Card & Gift Tags

Gift tag that reads, "Homemade With Love, A Gift For You & The Planet" - 5 Ways To Give Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts With Printable Card & Gift Tags

This year I’m completely changing the way I give Christmas gifts.

It’s important to me to give gifts that don’t contribute waste or harm to the planet. And buying from companies that help make life better for people and creatures around the world is an even bigger win.

Here are a few ways I’m trying to give more eco-friendly gifts this year. (more…)

Tips For Using Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl & Christmas Shape SVGs

Holiday kitchen towels - Tips For Using Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl With Your Cricut Or Silhouette & Christmas Shape SVGs

There are so many cool types of vinyl you can use with your Cricut or Silhouette. You can check out some gorgeous options here in my Ultimate Cricut Crafters Gift Guide. Glitter has to be one of my favorite types of heat transfer vinyl, along with anything iridescent! 😍

And I’ve recently fallen in love with patterned HTV. But I learned (the hard way) that you need to treat it differently than regular HTV. Here’s how to use it and what I’ve learned. (more…)

Scary Cute Halloween Shirts – With 2 New SVGs

'We're All Mad Here' design inspired by Alice In Wonderland - Scary Cute Halloween Shirt Designs - 2 New SVGs

I LOVE Halloween! 🎃👻🕸 It’s one of my favorite holidays. And I love creating Halloween decor and shirts.

I designed a few shirts inspired by my favorite vintage horror films. You can see those here.

But I also wanted something a bit more whimsical. So I designed these SVGs based on a couple children’s classics.

And you can download and use them with your own Cricut or Silhouette! (more…)

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