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Amazon Prime Day Cricut & Craft Deals

It’s Prime Day, Prime Day! (Imagine me singing and dancing. 😉 )

But seriously, I’m not one to pounce on sales and buy things just because they’re on sale. (Ok, sometimes. I won’t lie.) But what’s best is when there’s something you need and it’s in your budget and it’s a great deal! And Amazon Prime Day is great for that.

And who isn’t always looking for more craft supplies, am I right?!

Here are a few great Amazon Prime Day deals on craft supplies, good through July 15th and 16th (2019).


Saving Money For Christmas In July

Are you ready for Christmas?

No? Me neither.

Don’t worry, it’s still about six months away!

But what you do now to save money, could determine whether it’s a happy Christmas, or a Christmas like so many before it (if you’re like me)… a happy season, with underlying, nagging guilt, frustration, and anxiety over debt.

But start saving now, just a little every week, and you can start a snowball of savings. Here’s how I’m working on saving for Christmas in July.


4 Steps To A Lower Stress Summer

Steps To A Lower Stress Summer

Nothing can throw a wrench in your routine more than kids being out of school for the summer. Whether they’re home all day or go to camp, the change in routines and the hotter weather calls for some adapting.

I know I definitely need to make things easier and more streamlined to avoid summer stress. Here are a few ways I adapt for a lower stress summer.

And be sure to read all the way through to check out the awesome way you can save on summer haircare now!


What I Miss About Having Babies

Everybody loves babies. Little ones toddling around in diapers is just the cutest thing. Right? Ok, maybe everyone doesn’t think that, especially when they start screaming. But I think babies are pretty darn cute. Enough to get that twinge of sadness sometimes that my kids will never be babies or toddlers again.


Simplify Your Savings With Digital Coupons

Simplify Your Savings With Digital Coupons

I have to admit something.

I’ve never used a lot of coupons.

I give props to people who have massive binders of coupons and a garage full of soup and toothpaste they bought for 5 cents. I’ve just never had that kind of time, patience or storage space.

But give me a way to save money with a few minutes and a few clicks online? I’m so there!


The One Thing That Kept Sabotaging My Budget

The One Thing That Kept Sabotaging My Budget

I would start off each pay period with the best intentions. I promise I did. I even followed my own advice and used my Cashless Budget Tracker, budgeted for expected expenses and tracked spending in each category.

Yet so many times I would come up short and have to dip into savings or rack up more credit card debt to get us to the next paycheck.

So, what was happening? Sabotage. Self-sabotage. Ugly, messy, make you want to kick your own ass sabotage.

The one thing that kept my budget train hurtling off the tracks was my failure to plan.


My Cookbook Obsession – That’s Totally Free

My Cookbook Obsession - That's Totally Free

I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a great cook.

Ok, I’m not even a good cook. I kind of stumble my way through recipes until they’re edible. Ok, maybe it’s a small step up from that. Sometimes my creations are kinda tasty.

And I will say, one secret to a good marriage is a partner who makes you feel like you just cooked a meal worthy of Wolfgang Puck, even if he’s doing it through wincing eyes and gritted teeth. I’m lucky to have one of those.

But you know what, I love to try!


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